DL Is Now Accepting Guest Posts!

submit your testimonies and creative ideas
Any edifying knowledge you would like to share with your fellow comrades?

As the new year takes off, I want to give you all the opportunity to contribute to this community in a major way. DL will now be accepting guest posts from readers! A guest post is written content you created that can help others live free from the harmful mental, physical, and relational effects of lust and pornography addiction. If you’ve read around on the blog, you have an idea of the kinds of topics and posts that would be appropriate.

These are just a few examples to stoke the creative process.

Send all submissions to contact@defeatlust.com or use the contact form here. I will edit for content, style, and punctuation; title each post; add a cover photo; include the Guest Post tag at the end; possibly write a short introduction; and let you know when the post will get live. Be sure to include the name you want the post to appear under and a link to your blog/website if you want me to include it. Original submissions only. No plagiarism.

I look forward to reading your submissions in the coming months! Don’t feel bad or take it personal if your submission(s) doesn’t get published. A small number of posts will probably get published, and I will enjoy reading everything you send my way.

Author: DL Admin

A Christian millennial passionate about seeing people live free from the harmful psychological and relational effects of lust.

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