About DL

DL is motivated by a love for human flourishing. I founded this website because I am passionate about seeing people live free from the harmful psychological and relational effects of lust. I have seen and experienced firsthand the damage that lust can cause to individuals, families, and communities.

My background is Christian, and so you will find a lot of Christian resources on this site. I also believe that lust entangles people from all walks of life. You will find many resources on this site that were not created for or by Christians and that anyone can benefit from.

If you you want to experience freedom from lust, I invite you to follow the blog and share your thoughts in the comments.

Note: I created this website solely for your benefit and my benefit. I may add a donate tab in the future for anyone who wants to contribute to the costs of running the site, but the best way you can give back is by taking full advantage of the material.